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Singapore Casino Games
[ 18-09-2019 ]

Singapore Casino Games

Singapore online betting


Total profit from last year's Singapore online betting at about 201.6 million Singapore dollars, the area just behind Thailand (230.3 million) and Malaysia (214.2 million USD). Commission Communication Development (MDA) also emphasized that the game industry is the entertainment media department of Singapore's fastest growing, thanks to the booming Singapore online betting market in Southeast Asia.

A study by a market survey company Newzoo game shows, Singapore online betting topped the ranking of annual spending on games in Southeast Asia. More specifically, people spend an average of 189 USD Singapore (about 4 million VND) / year on the game on any platform, over five times the country's second highest spending region - Malaysia, with a 33 USD / year.

Newzoo explain this through high quality of life and strong economy of Singapore - whether mobile gamers rate the lowest paid in the region with 29%. The report investigated how much money players spend and total return game in 6 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Singapore online betting includes all genres - game mobile phone, tablet, casual browser game, console and PC, and all forms of payment as payment in-app or buy an entire application or game console. On a global scale, with Japan taking the average crown with 322 USD / players, while Singapore ranked seventh.

Mr. Marc Einstein, an analyst with market research firm Frost & Sullivan, believes the internet infrastructure of Singapore along with the widespread distribution of tablet and smartphone in the country has created a huge market Giant mobile gaming and Singapore online betting. Marc observed that there is a great disparity in the figures by a very small amount of investment players a huge amount, considering a large number of people tend to prefer to play free games, online betting more. "Up to 90% of profits come from 10% of game players and online betting"

Singapore online betting developers in the local said that this is a positive signal for the industry is budding game developer in Singapore. Mr. David Ng, CEO of game developer company gumi Asia said: "This is clear evidence that shows Sigapore market is very important for attracting players. The total amount may not be big players, but spending more Singaporean gamers because they use credit cards more easily and pay for products online. "

Mr Benjamin Chew, an IT consultant, estimates that he has spent nearly 800 dollars a year on mobile game Castle Clash. 30-year-old man said: "For this game, investing real money there are great advantages. I'm 'plow top' and the pay for the in-app billing to help competitiveness is much higher. "

Ms Angeline Poh, assistant executive director of the MDA, said: "The developer and publisher of Singapore online betting here to benefit not only from having a strong housing market, but also the advantage of being active in one of the best connected areas world for innovation and provide our customers game online at both inside and outside of Southeast Asia. "

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